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ARX: Strength Training

The ARX Is the first of its kind — a computer-controlled, motorized exercise technology that provides the most effective, efficient, and quantified workout  — the ideal way to practice the super slow, super heavy, strength training protocol to build maximum muscle in minimum time, as safely as possible. This is because the ARX instantly and automatically adjusts to the changing level of force you are producing — you are never “holding” a weight that is too much.   ARX is the best way to safely rehab after injury and maintain muscle mass and bone density as we age.  And since every second of each rep is quantified, you can track your results week over week, month over month.

You can find more information and research at the link below.

ARX Research 



ARX: Videos
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Car.o.l – A.i. High intensity training bike

car.o.l: CArdio
The High Octane Ride (HOR) is a networked bike with automated and laser-controlled resistance, patented advanced bio-signal processing and CAROL, an AI  Cardiovascular Optimization Logic,  which not only watches your performance, but her algorithms respond by automatically pushing you harder in subsequent rides or relaxing your ride if you’ve had a bad day. And it all happens automatically. You just log in and ride. Based on the scientifically proven protocol, HOR gives you the ability to exercise for the shortest possible time with the greatest benefits. HOR is the very first system that delivers this scientifically proven protocol outside of laboratories. You can find more information and research at the link below. CAR.O.L. Research
car.o.l: videos
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joovv: near ir light

Near Infrared Light Therapy is well researched as a powerful recovery modality, with documented benefits for skin such as smooths overall skin tone, builds collagen, reducing wrinkles, including crow’s feet, under eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles & laugh lines, speeds the healing of blemishes, like acne and rosacea, repairs sun damage, reduces redness, flushing, and broken capillaries, fades scars and stretch marks, brings more moisture to your skin, prevents hair loss & stimulates regrowth.  IR also speeds the healing of wounds and injuries to the body speeds wound healing in even non-healing wounds improves or restores range of motion reduces inflammation and pain.   Perfect post workout treatment.
Joov: Videos
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muse: biofeedback

Muse is a small wearable head/ear piece with neurofeedback that tells you when you are successfully slowing your brain activity, allowing you to learn to mediate faster and easier. Meditation increases parasympathetic nervous system activity which allows you to “rest and digest”, improving recovery and mindfulness, literally re-wiring your brain to allow you to access more peace and calm and higher level critical thinking. 2 HACKS or  $25 single session Book Now
muse: Videos
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infrared sauna

25 minutes in the infrared sauna  supports recovery and weight loss through sweating, improved circulation and overall relaxation response. 4 HACKS or  $45 single session Book Now
Infrared sauna: Videos
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halo sport: neuropriming

Halo Sport: neuropriming
Halo Sport is designed to make your training or practice more efficient by improving your brain’s natural plasticity. By applying a mild electric field to the motor cortex, Halo’s Neuropriming technology induces a state of “hyperplasticity.” When you train in a hyperplastic state, the brain’s normal fine-tuning process occurs more rapidly — meaning better results from each practice rep.   One 20 minutes session of neuropriming provides 60 minutes of hyperplastic state following the session. 2 HACKS or  $25 Single Session  Book Now
halo sport: Videos
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vibe plate: wbv

Vibe Plate: WBV
Whole Body Vibration (WBV) therapy is used in universities, professional sports teams, and medical facilities around the US. WBV has been seen to stimulate microcirculation, including lymphatic fluid,  strengthen muscles and bones, reduce recovery time after exercise, improve mental acuity, improve flexibility. Bulletproof Vibe is the latest in WBV therapy, vibrating at a constant 30hz, the frequency research has shown to be of most benefit. Sessions last 15 mins or less,  ideally as a warm up for strength training on the ARX. 1 HACK or  $15 Single Session  Book Now
vibe plate: Videos
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lief: hrv monitor

Lief is a small, wearable chest pad that tracks Heart Rate Variability, the best tracker we have for autonomic nervous system activity (aka stress) and uses biofeedback to alert you to your stress level.  Lief also is a mindfulness trainer, with programs to increase your mindfulness in real time.  The app guides you through the programs and gives you an opportunity to record your thoughts and mood to increase the rate of learning.  A dashboard allows you to track your overall stress levels and identify opportunities for improvement. Pricing upon request.
lief: Videos
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