It's unlike anything you've ever experienced in a gym.

You now have access to

state of the art biohacking

fitness and recovery equipment and

quantified, accelerated results.

The experiences at HACKD are unlike anything you have ever seen in a gym, and range from strength training machines that instantly adapt to your force output each moment of each rep to maximize your muscle fatigue in the shortest amount of time, cardio vascular HIIT bikes with Artifical Intelligence to maximize the effectiveness of each second of your ride, infrared sauna and photobiomodulation therapy sessions, biofeedback meditation sessions and more.  Each session can be purchased a la carte and range from $15-$75, or you can purchase HACKD packs and use credits for your sessions.  We also offer memberships that give you sessions per month and other perks.  And, we offer coaching packages that incorporate all of our experiences. 

Wondering how to best start?  There are three intro opportunities:  book a tour, schedule a consultation for coaching, or book a $35 Optimize and Thrive Intro Package, that gives you an intro 3d Fit Scan which will show you where you are starting body composition and measurement wise and how we will track your results, a CAROL HIIT bike ride and a 10 minute ARX demo.   Choose which path is best for you and book below.

Optimize and Thrive Intro Session

$35 to get a Fit 3D Scan to see precisely and objectively where your body currently is, from an inch by inch 360 degree measurement of your body and your muscle and body fat %, then take your first CAROL ride and get a 10 min. ARX demo.


Tailored HACKD experiences to help you reach your fitness and recovery goals:  REGAIN, RECOMP, REBOOT or RECHARGE today.

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