Pamela Palladino Gold

Founder, HACKD

Pamela Palladino Gold

Founder, HACKD
nuero synapses HACKD FItness

40 mins a week

instead of 40 mins a day

Experience the latest in workout and recovery technology

– Get quantified results that defy anything you’ve ever experienced
– Maximize your fitness level and quality of life. 

In NYC biohacking your way to the fittest you’ve ever been, in less time than you thought possible. 

The future of fitness is here.

Smarter, Faster Fitness, featuring ARX: Adaptive Resistance eXercise

Latest Research & Protocols
Latest Tech
Quantified Results
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Tailored HACKD experiences to help you reach your fitness and recovery goals:  REGAIN, RECOMP, REBOOT or RECHARGE today.

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